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History of Studley Park House, Camden.
The first recruits were trained here in July 1951.
Under the watchful eye of Chief Instructor,
as then, Warrant Officer 2, Patricia Rawlings.
(Major Rawlings [Retired]).

Studley Park House, was originally owned by two convicts, as separate land grants.
The first land was granted on the 1 January 1810, to William Parrott, (alias Price), who was convicted for life. Being transported to New South Wales, arriving in the Colony in 1791. Arriving aboard the "Abermarle". By the 1 January 1807, William was working as a Shoemaker, at Camden Park.

The second land grant was also to convict, John Condon, (alias Condran). He was transported to NSW, from Dublin, Ireland. Arriving aboard the "Minerva" in the year of 1800. He was employed as a Government Servant/Herdsman at Camden Park by 1806. The land was granted to him on the 25 August 1812.

These two properties had changed hands over many years in the nineteen century. By the year of 1888, both properties were combined as one.

On being sold to William Charles Payne, he commissioned the magnificent, High Victorian building of Studley Park House. Which was also to be known as "Payne's Folly". Payne then sold the home in 1891 to the architect, who designed it, Francis Buckle.

Buckle in turn sold it 1902, to Doctor Henry Oliver, it was now to become the Camden Grammar School until 1933.

Again the property was sold to Arnold Gregory... a keen Hollywood Movie Mogul.
As Arnold Gregory was a keen golfer, he commissioned a 9 hole golf course. After some time yet another 9 hole course was added, completing the full 18 hole golf course.

It was at the beginning of World War II, when the Department of Defence, took over the property.
In 1951, the first intake of female recruits began their training, under Chief Instructor, Warrant Officer 2, Patricia Rawlings.

In 2001, it was now in the capable hands of the CAMDEN GOLF CLUB, who owns it and has been in the process of restoring this magnificent Victorian style home, back to its former glory.

The Camden Golf Club was opened to the public on specially planned 'Open Days' during the year, for purpose of raising money for restoration purposes.

Well worth a visit, when visiting the area of Camden and Narellan.

  Studley Park House

Studley Park House, shown with extensions at rear of home.